Tuesday, May 22, 2012

IVF and Ignorant Comments

I was moved to write this post when a friend on twitter (@babyhopeivf) mentioned that people in her office were discussing the news on IVF today that the age limit is being raised from 39 to 42 for women to have access to IVF on the NHS.

The discussion was along the lines of, the world is already overpopulated why bring more people into it. Sadly ignorant comments such a this I have heard all to often over the last few years. This is an ignorant statement not only because sometimes people need to have IVF to have a child due to infertility but also -  if they are going to have cancer treatment so they can preserve their fertility, are unable to have intercourse i.e. if they have a physical disability and same sex couples who want a family.

 Who are these ignorant people to decide who is allowed to have children. Well, if you want to go down that road.....

They wouldn't be saying this is they were in this situation desperate to be a family or if they had to witness the pain and heartache of someone they love going though it.

I guess us IVF folks see it from the another perspective. We see people popping kids out left right and centre when they can't take care of them or wont take care of them. People who have them and then abuse them. Who have unprotected sex daming the consequences and the children are put into care. Drug abusers who's children are born addicted and need to be weaned off a substance. I could go on.

My opinion may be controversial but I would hazzard a guess that anyone going through countless medications, tests, invasive procedures, heartache and loss to have a child would have suffered these thoughts on many occasion.  Watching Jeremy Kyle (I wont watch it) and witnessing these "I have 5 children and I don't know who any of the fathers are" , "had a bunk up behind a bus stop with the bloke who runs the chippie and his wife found out and now I'm preggo"

Well, it gets to you. Oh and don't even get me started on the "having a baby is a privillage not a rite" posse. Yes it is a privilege but why should we be denied trying to achieve it. Would you even think this if you were in our shoes?

No one who has a reasonable chance of conceiving should be denied the chance to have a family. Follow my blog with Bloglovin


  1. Right on sista! I was also annoyed by some 'celebrity' couple on the news, who needed IVF themselves and didn't know what they were on about! I've not had the space to rant about this yet, so thanks for giving me the opportunity to do it here. And those loose women ( I was actually off work sick from the side effects of the Buserelin that day!) They didn't even have their facts straight- and completely disregarded the fact that 'subfertlity' can be a male factor! Phew- that felt good, thanks! Right I am off my soapbox now!

  2. Thank you so much for your comment Hun. You really made me giggle out loud! I hope you are feeling better from the Buserelin xx

  3. No worries Chele- I am feeling better than I was thanks. It's a really long DR for me. I'm 24 days of 29 done. I think the norm is somewhere between 2 and 3 weeks. Roll on stimming! When do you leave for hols?

  4. Yay 5 more days then you can move to Simms! We go early hous of Sunday morning honey xxx

  5. I just watched your haul vlog- have a great time!

  6. I think you're completely right! I don't see how some people can be so stupid e.g. people on the Jeremy Kyle show. And you're right about people changing their opinion if they were in that situation. Too many people nowadays are selfish! I'm only 16 and even I can see that people have these rights.

    I'm so glad there's some sensible minded people still around.

    Daisie. x


  7. we should condemn these ignorant comments. it is the right of every human being to become parent and ivf is a good treatment for those who can not conceive naturally.

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