Thursday, January 09, 2014

Where do little Elves go?

'Twas a sad day some time in November when our Elfie walked out of our lives.
Without a bye or leave he was gone, just like that.
Not a thought for all the good times or his faithful friend he was leaving behind.
It was with a heavy heart that I explained to Alfie that Elfie had gone to help Santa make all the little children's Christmas presents and that one day, when his job was done, he would return.
Christmas is over, the children have their presents (except the naughty ones).
Santa's workshop has shut for the summer holidays yet our hearts still hang heavy with the absence of our little Elfin friend.
Alfie and Elfie were good buddies you see, they slept together, watched tv together, travelled together.

How do I explain to a 7 month old that it is not that he has done something wrong. That there are plenty more elves in the sea. "But not like my Elfie mummy"
Alfie even dressed as Elfie for Christmas such was his longing for his dear friend.
We are into January now, does it take this long to travel back from the North Pole, is he just working overtime for some cash for the summer holidays?
I don't know? I am running out of answers for my little man. I can't keep making excuses for Elfie.
If you see this Elf please tell him to return to where he is loved. To follow his heart.... He knows the way home.

Love Chele 


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